Testing Services for Softwares and Mobile apps

Get your application tested for Web Application and Mobile Application


Get It Done With Us

Be its Manual, Accesibility, Automation or any other type of testing


Manual Testing

Process of Manually testing a Software, done by manual testers playing the role of endusers.

Automation Testing

Build analysis, Regression, Smoke tests and many more comes under this category.

Mobile Testing

85% of users will be from this domain, we have a pool of mobile devices where we can test your apps.

Analyze Testing Data

When you test your Webapplication or Mobile application, there is a requirement of Test data. This data needs to meet certain requirements in order to ensure that the tests are reliable and successful and that the developed software is of better quality, this is possible through test data analysis.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

With QA of the applications you can always make a stronger relationship with customers. Building a stronger connect, exceeding expectations and grabbing feedback are majorly considered as the joinning points between you and your customer.

Managing Your Software Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We are a Software Company, offering a better approach towards Outsourcing. We emphasis on timely delivery of services with customized solutions, which helps in achieving better quality and bug free releases of products.

Discretemicros - manual testing

Our pricing

What is one day testing ?

When you have to release a build and short of time in executing Smoke or Regression testing, this type of testing is suitable. Or you just wan’t to try us.

What is required from me ?

A live url of your application because setting up VPN will take time.

A working application, because we don’t want you to get a first failure of test where your application is not working.

Credentials for the application.


Will there is any refund policy ?

For a day of testing we are not providing any refunds.