Concepts of manual testing

When it comes to develop a bug free product then Manual Testing is performed. All the bugs, issues, and defects in the software application under test are identified by this process. Manual testing is basically used to identify the critical bugs in the application under test.

Manual Testing requires more effort than automation, but is necessary to check the feasibility of automation.

Though the concepts of Manual Testing does not requires any knowledge of any testing tool but “Full Automation of a product is not possible“, that’s why the requirement of manual testing is always there.

Key concept

There are two key concepts:

  1. Error, Bug or Defect free application
  2. Confirming to Functional requirements

Test cases, are written during the testing cycles and should have 100% test coverage.

This makes sure of the following things:

  • Defects are reported
  • Defects are fixed by developers
  • Re-Testing is performed on the defects which are fixed
  • Functionality is covered
  • Bug free product is delivered

Manual Testing and their types:

There are many types of manual testing some are as under:

  • Black Box
  • Whitebox
  • Unit testing
  • Integration
  • System
  • Acceptance
  • And many more…

Mostly the unit tests are performed by developers and by writing code against the features.

Manual Testing – How to do:

  1. Read the Application Under Test (AUT) / System Requirements.
  2. Write the Test cases against the documentation.
  3. Execute the Test cases on the AUT
  4. Execute Exploratory testing.
  5. Report Defects for the executed testcases
  6. If the defects are fixed, again execute the failing test cases.

Questions on Manual Testing

Anyone can do manual testing, Testing is easy, Testing ensures a defect free product, Automation is better than manual testing, what is manual testing of software, is there a difference in testing Web application and Mobile app…

The questions are more but the concept is same.

Definitely many skills are required to do Manual Testing, anyone cannot do this testing as bugs are hard to find and testing is not easy task. We cannot identify all possible defects but we can find as many as we can.

How to Automate Manual Testing

The concept of automating the manual tests is similar to manual testing but it requires a tool and the tools can be:

Manual testing is an activity where the person needs to be very patient, creative & needs aptitude, without those it is almost impossible to identify a defect in the AUT

Manual testing is an important part of Software development process, as humans are involved in testing software applications and end-users are also humans, the manual testers should think like end users as these will be the customers of the product.

Though there are many areas to be focused for testing these API’s, we can look in for some major ones.

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