Mobile Testing Services

Pool of real devices to make your release cycles fast and reliable

Why you need Mobile Testing Services?

The risk of poor user experience is always a threat towards the successful release of mobile application. Study says, the first 5 seconds are crucial for user in making a selection of app, they can reject the app if this experience is bad. And this will result in a negative impact on the ROI.

Such failures can be avoided by selecting high quality mobile testing services. These services will ensure that native app, mobile-web, or hybrid apps meet your requirements, by executing number of checks on various devices from multiple configurations of OS to Service providers.

How we can benefit

Functional Testing

Functional testing usually done manually gives better insight on the requirements and implementions

Automation Testing

Automation Testing increases the efficiency of testing and reduces the release time of application

Usability Testing

Usability testing ensures the level of comfort user experience while using the app

Compatibility Testing

Applications are tested over multiple platforms ex: iOS, Android, Windows etc. to replicate the endusers

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing ensures that the people with disabilities are able to use the application

Dedicated Devices

We use real devices to test your application, this ensures the replication of realtime usage

Interruptions Testing

Interruptions testing ensure the performance of application during calls,rotation,voice commands etc.

Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures the optimum usage of memory, bandwidth, CPU etc.

Professional Team

Vesatile team with dedicated years of experience in QA always ensures the releases are intact and successful


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